1. lära sig nya sätt att vara fri, men jag saknar dig mer än någon annan plats, tid, eller själ 


  2. "That Love is all there is,
    Is all we know of Love;
    It is enough, the freight should be
    Proportioned to the groove."
    — Emily Dickinson, “[1765]

    (Source: proustitute, via bodyhouse)


  3. four letter words

         close spring sun punishing our brightness & inability, hesitation to shine on ourselves—a fear to glow our truths & mystery all over each other      pink  orange softnesses of evening we withhold in favor of an easier blue opening out: why                    and the sun of course catches it all 

         if sorrow is a flame and anguish a bonfire, how long can a candle like this last? lit before bedtime in my heavily curtain’d square i woke to find it alive still-upright    factual     from the balcony i look to see you on the other side of the little street amongst children dogs & grandmas—starring up—our gazes’ gazes meet & look only at the flame
                         while words any words evaporate in the sun’shine

         walking the seaside down an’ up before dusk to lay low at the top of the stiff grass sandbank      one evening sun she sets into heavy gray cloudbank and a vibrating purple eye burns through it perfectly to look into a center; seeing it & calm; safe                     the how
                        they looked at each other glowing hard but days ago

         one two three four; lovers loving love before & not afraid anymore. stop.
         Hope is another four letter word—and shit, four’s a favorite number of mine: it can be divided yes—
                        but into             two twos 
                              the light         and the dark of me and of you


  4. nyponsoppa = sweet, hot  rosehip soup 

    skål = cheers

    valborg = MAY DAY!

  5. uke + guitar reunion in copenhagen

  6. the last second the best

  7. terrifying 

  8. all kinda taxidermy’d birds i saw today! yay

  9. tucked into malmö 

  10. train sky

  11. mpdrolet:

    From One Year in Ukraine

    Carolyn Drake


  12. It’s Semla time in this part of the world, save us all. Ridiculously dreamy and creamy.

  13. Here’s a window, the curtains halfway drawn, to a new little life in Sweden. It’s promising: already I’m seeing things become that I hoped for: I live by the ocean-sea: a walk away from the library!

    Everything is exactly as it should be, (as I keep reminding myself).


  14. delicious potential

     could be reading poetry
    could be drinking coffee
    could be watching your sleeplessness
       planning the revolutions
    eating grapes in sun-warmed dirt
    making dough off dead money
    breaking bread with saints 

    i am asking a question
    i am telling new truth
    i am you and you are me
    we are one cup of coffee
    one piece of paper
    a girl in a wheelchair
    some grains of rice
    left in the bowl
    together we sing
    our edibility  

  15. new (cute) bosses